HUSKY Rucsacuri

ULTRALIGHT backpacks are the latest collection of bags HUSKY brand, which are in terms of volume the cross-section of several categories, but the main feature is a modern design, lightweight materials, as well as the emphasis on design. Back system of ULTRALIGHT backpacks, which are produced with volume from 30 to 60 liters, is based on anatomically shaped adjustable panel - EVA moulding. Of course, this line is a series of different cool things, such as hooks for various equipment, pockets or raincover. ULTRALIGHT backpacks are the ideal companion for weekend and longer trips into the countryside and the mountains.

EXPEDITIONS backpacks take up a large volume of cargo (from 50 to 75 liters) and are primarily designed for longer trips into the countryside and the mountains. Emphasis is placed by these bags, in particular, to a sophisticated backsystem and duralumin reinforcement to ensure maximum comfort wear, regardless of surroundings or weather conditions. Expeditionary bags are part of different sophisticated fixations (e.g. skis, ice-axe and other equipment), of course there are waterproof zippers too. Matter of fact are quality materials with high resistance to abrasion and water are in this category.

TOURIST BAGS are a significant group of bags HUSKY brand and are most universal group of backpacks in terms of the use. Their usage can begin at the level of practical help for short walks, and may end with features of ski bag. Strong emphasis by tourist backpacks is placed on quality of back system, the practical division of space through the pockets, the various hooks and, ultimately, to design, since many tourist bags find their usage as well as stylish backpacks for school and city.

CITY and SCHOOL is a series of bags - as the name suggests - designed for practical use as a school bag or as an assistant in the movement of the urban jungle. For this reason, the emphasis is - outside of high-quality construction -on the design of the backpack. Backpacks from City and School line have also many pockets including indispensable pocket for music player and headphone outlet which will be appreciated by every music lover. We don’t forget even security dimension and therefore they are equipped by refflective components for greater security of its owner.

CYKLING and IN-LINE backpacks are - as the name itself suggests- a series of backpacks designed for cycling and running on in-line skating. Special tapered construction of backpack, anatomically shaped and ventilated back system guarantee experience of driving on the road or in the field. Side pockets for bottles and outlet for water bladder on the bag are guarantees of adequate supply of water without unnecessary stops. The safety of its bearer is ensured by reflective elements of these bags.

NOTEBOOK backpacks - You do not need to be workaholic or a computer zealot to need to move your notebook safely. Backpacks of our laptop series are a perfect way. Each bag of this line is equipped with a closeable internal pocket for your notebook, inner organizer and the pocket for player with outlet for earphones. The security dimension meets reflective points.

TRAVEL BAGS - It does not matter if you need to transport sports apparel on the way to the training or personal belongings during the business trips in bag. Good-quality sports and travel bags from HUSKY satisfy your requirements not only by its functionality but also by design.

WAISTBAGS and multifunctional waist pouches from Husky are real practical help in the countryside and the urban jungle. You can choose from small case for documents directly on the body to the multifunctional waist pouches with anatomically shaped waist belt designated for example for a camera. You can find the pocket for MP3 player with headphones outlet or pockets for mobile phone on some waistbags.